Trust the Struggles

As I embark upon my journey of 41 years young today; I embrace all the lessons life has given me thus far, with no regrets. Press forward, like I saw my mother do. She is my hero and she mastered the art of surviving from losing a daughter, to battling an aggressive form of breast cancer when doctors had given up. She taught us to find strength in our struggles. Life is a funny thing and at times unpredictable, even when you plan and mapped out your directions. God has his own GPS and will change the course of your sail without your permission.

Life is set of  moments, that happens to us all, from the highs on the mountaintops, and the lows in the valleys of despair. And sometimes, God does not make sense.  I heard Joel Osteen say “faith is like film, it’s sometimes developed in the dark”.  I remember being an unwed teenager mother scared as hell, and so ashamed I hardly ever left the house, except for doctors appointments.  I am grateful for my parents;especially mother, God used her to transform my wavering faith in him. We had a “come to Jesus meeting” the night before I went into labor, and I remember her soothing words 22 years later,” Trust the struggles of life, and find light in the cracks. Because you have God, he is with you always, and nothing is impossible with God, really nothing is impossible for you”.   My life changed that night, and this black veil of shame  was removed. We talked, cried, prayed, and laughed half the night. For the first time, in 9 moths I was anxiously looking forward to being a mother, and I knew my daughter was not a mistake.

Time and time again, my faith was tested and sometimes I passed without studying for the exams. Other times, I failed miserably and blamed God for my circumstances. In fact, I feared my circumstances, so much because I feared God so little.  I love the way,  Pastor Jesse Duplantis describes faith “faith is a mental uplifting; it’s a way of directing your thoughts to the thoughts of Christ”.  I began to develop a real prayer life and a real relationship with God.  I still start my day with prayer, and whenever doubt creeps in, I pray.

Like my mother, and Dr. Maya Angelou, “I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now”.


Credit to Dr. Maya Angelou book ,“Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now” Published in 1994.




2 thoughts on “Trust the Struggles

  1. Oh my lady. You’ve came a long way. I’m happy for you that your perserverance paid off. Struggles are worth it when you overcome. Congratulations to your success.


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